Yonkers Opens Third Phase of Public Space at Saw Mill River

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Buried for nearly a century beneath the streets of downtown Yonkers, the Saw Mill River is now flowing in broad daylight through Larkin Plaza thanks to a $19 million public works project that’s nearly complete.

Comparable projects are rare and none have been done in the United States. The daylighting includes the creation of a natural habitat for migratory fish passage focusing on American eel, white perch, and herring that will migrate into the open ponds and rest in the riffle areas. Native vegetation will serve to attract insects and will encourage food chains that will help sustain the aquatic life and will also serve too maintain water temperatures conducive to the life in the ponds. The resulting economic development and job creation anticipates that approximately 950 permanent jobs will be created within 5 to 10 years as a result of the project.


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